Tips on choosing the most effective tyres for your vehicle

Unlike clothing brands, tyres unfortunately do not fit under the “one size fits all” category. Each car will have its own specific type of tyres and wheel requirements. Therefore, it’s important to check out the alternatives ensure you find the right tyres for your vehicle. Take a look at our guide below to make your own informed decisions.

Find A Mobile Tyre Fitting Service Near You
You are advised to look at what mobile tyre fitting services are in your locality, and what tyre services they offer. For a more straightforward process, choose a service like Lothian Mobile Tyre Fitting. This avoids the lengthy hassle of calling up multiple places to find quotes and will make comparing the prices easier. This will enable you to get an instant quote, and determine which company offers the best price, quality and tyre service.

Determine The Size
Depending on what type of vehicle you have, the tyres are more than likely to vary in size. Tyres on a motorbike will vary in size compared to that of a car. Similarly, the wheels on a Range Rover will not be the same size as wheels on a Mini Cooper. So, take measurements of your current tyres to make sure you get the correct tyre size for your tyre service.

Decide What Type Of Tyres You Are After
Are you after summer tyres, winter tyres or all-season tyres? There are different types of tyres out there for each purpose. Especially transitioning from one season to the next, it is common for tyres to deflate. This is usually because the cold weather affects tyre pressure.

Quiet tyres are also another alternative to look into as they are smoother and offer a more comfortable driving experience.

Replace Your Tyres Accordingly
Typical guidelines and recommendations from car manufacturers are that car tyres should be changed 10 years after the manufacturing date. However, this can vary, depending on if there are reasons for your tyres to be replaced sooner. For example, if you have experienced a tyre puncture or damage to your tyres.

At Lothian Mobile Tyre Fitting, we care and do our bit for the environment. When disposing of old tyres, we always ensure they are discarded according to environmental safety standards.

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